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Why do most diets fail?

Want to know 5 reasons (most) diets fail?
Research shows that regular dieting is a waste of time and energy. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out why…
Why am I dissing on dieting?
Diets in the norm don’t look at the individual’s needs and are based on restriction or cutting out key nutritional components – want to live on cabbage soup, anyone? No, me neither…. And because of this, they don’t necessarily work for what you need and therefore you give up (headaches, stinky breath, bad skin are some of the lovely side effects of some very popular diets). But most diets predictably fail because of 5 reasons…
1. You try to exercise your willpower to control your appetite instead of understanding there is a science behind hunger. Eating when hungry rather than emotional, bored etc… is a better way to eat the correct amount for you.
2. Your focus is too much on counting calories, rather than the nutritional, energy value of food.
3. Your diet consists of all low-fat foods, which are largely high in sugar.
4. Your weight is actually affected by hidden reasons that require medical attention
5. You lack a solid health and weight loss plan to guide you on your journey
Also when the average dieter loses weight, they lose muscle AND fat, but once they regain the weight, they gain back only the fat… which will ultimately slow down your metabolism.
Boooo! That’s not what we want!
So, how can you get success with health without dieting?
Here are 5 success tips that will keep you in peak health without dieting:
1. Eat enough whole fresh food to satisfy your appetite (your body will be less hungry because it’s fully nourished)
2. Eat protein for breakfast to boost your energy for the day
3. Eat your last meal three hours before bedtime to give your system time to digest before sleep
4. Make low-glycemic foods your diet staple such as nuts, seeds, chicken and fish so your blood sugar stays level
5. Eat good fats at every meal such as avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil (healthy fats are your friend, not your enemy)
What do I do now?
In my health coaching practice, I help my clients learn how to lose weight, gain energy and feel better than ever… without dieting. That’s huge!