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Tip tips for transformation

Everyone’s different but with change and transformation there are some commonalities which I find work with most clients.. below are some tips to help you succeed!
1. Find something you love – whether that be exercise or food. Trying to force yourself to live on food you hate or take up a sport you don’t enjoy will lower your chances of sticking with it. Instead try healthier options of the foods you like, or cut down on some, and find exercise that is fun!
2. Re-think what food does – rather than relying on food as comfort understand it as fuel that gives you strength and energy. Recognise how you feel after eating and which foods make you feel the best.
3. Consistency is key – even if you start small, build up slowly and keep going!
4. Celebrate and appreciate – mark those achievements and appreciate moving towards your goals.
5. Understand derailment – there are bumps in the road but don’t give up – even if you have a ‘bad day or week’ get back on track and move forward.
6. If you need it ask for help – whether that be a coach, Personal Trainer, or friends and family – this will help with motivation and also advice.

What keeps you motivated?