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How to make New Years resolutions stick

New Years resolutions have always baffled me! I’ve never made one, I understand why people do, but I kind of think that if you want to change something – change it – it shouldn’t matter if its the 1st of the month, a Monday, warm outside etc…. etc…

Whatever your health goals are, the trick with making positive change is ensuring you have the conditions to sustain them and make them your new norm. So, if you want something bad enough, how do you ensure the new habits stick and have not fallen by the wayside by February?

Unfortunately there is no magic pill, diet or formula that will give you sustainable health results. Certainly there are quick fixes and shortcuts… but ultimately it comes down to balanced eating, regular exercise, and commitment.

So before you embark on this years resolution, ask yourself three things –
1. What do you need to change to make success inevitable?
2. What habits do I need to build to support the change?
3. Is the goal realistic, or is it too big? If its too big, break it down – if you start to move forward and achieve smaller goals your more likely to feel good and keep going!

When you have those you can achieve change whatever the time of the year.